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The historic Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, Oregon was straight up punched in the face with some punk-driven tunes this past Saturday night. NYC’s pop-punk rockers Bayside hit the stage and the crowd instantly came closer together and rocked out as their favorite rock band slayed. Every single fan knew every single word to each and every song sang.

Bayside clearly wanted Portland to know that they were here to rock the night away. This killer group of friends really knows how to rock and they proved it at the Sept 3rd show. Led by the ever so beloved Anthony Raneri, Bayside ripped through an epic set. Opening up with fan-favorite track “Sick, Sick, Sick,” off the 2011 release, Killing Time, the guys were truly welcomed with cheering and smiling, while singing all together.

This band has a great attitude. Their punk factor always seems to be carried out in their stage presence which is totally glossed up with Raneri’s distinctly rich and melodic vocals. All fans would agree that the band is back better than ever with their latest album release, Vacancy. They do seem to grow on their talents in every single record..

The one thing that we have absolutely come to expect with Bayside is their consistent love for what they do. That won’t change. It shows in every performance, and we’ve yet to experience it differently. The night continued swinging with all their beloved classics such as “Montauk” and “Devotion and Desire.”  As one song ended they would go straight into the next. What can’t these guys do?