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There’s a new type of heavy electronic music. It’s a genre known as “dark synthwave”, and numerous artists that fall under this genre have been working their way into existence. It brings along the sounds of retro analog synths, thundering snares, and wildly vibrant guitars. One big player in this is Carpenter Brut.

Carpenter Brut kicked everything into a ridiculously high level of energy while playing the Star Theater in Portland, Oregon on March 21st. The contrast in mood could not have been sharper as they hit the stage. The band was lost deep in shadow amongst a haze of red, with piercing strobes sometimes the only illumination onstage. The crowd picked up easily on the crazed vibe, exploding to life and turning them into a mosh pit within moments. It was clear that the band and audience played off each other and it was magnificent.

The Carpenter Brut performance was everything that works well in a set: it was fast, it was continuous, and it ended with a great finality — no encores, no conversations, no extra filler to save for the end. If you’re looking for the dance-and-stomp party of the future, look no further than a Carpenter Brut concert — and do not miss them the next time they’re in town!