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I think one of the reasons why fans of Caspian love them so much is because they seem to have an incredible ability to express an emotion and concept through their music that words alone simply cannot (and, indeed, they manage it largely without words at all). This is strongly apparent in their live performance.

As soon as they came on stage at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon, the air was buzzing with anticipation and they launch straight into their set of wonderfully bass-heavy and changeable tracks. With all members silhouetted against dramatic stage lighting they move seamlessly into each song they played. One could easily feel the atmosphere begin to really build in the room. Caspian is exceptionally good at taking an audience and listener on an epic musical journey with both their albums and performances. Each song is a carefully-written chapter that is strung together to create an intense and uplifting greater story.

With every song the band become increasingly more physically active on stage adding to the feeling of increased momentum and power as the set went on. Every single member was completely immersed in the moment. At a gig like this it’s all about finding a spot to just stand, watch and take it all in; go with the flow and let the band carry you away, which the audience was only too happy to do.

Caspian have worked hard over the last few years: through bereavement, exhausting touring schedules as well as intense writing periods to challenge themselves and bring us this incredible material which is layered with new textures and yet is still undeniably their own sound. And at their show on November 4, all this really showed.

The way Caspian ended their live performances is difficult to put in to words for fear of not doing it justice as it is one of the highlights of the whole experience. The song, and gig, ended with the room erupting into a deafening roar. An experience each audience member took home with them, including us.