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Can you hear it…it’s the call. The call of nature.

pnw the modern hippie washington waterfall hiking portland oregon

It is so easy to to lose yourself in the busyness of everyday life. One day you will wake up and realize that you are not living. You’ll begin to feel that longing…to hear the wind blowing against the trees. Nature is that place we can all escape to; when the noise of the world becomes too much for us to bear. Nature is where we can all leave behind our troubles, even for a moment, and return to our wild truth.

abiqua falls the modern hippie portland oregon hiking travel adventure

When you feel you have lost yourself, stop, slow down…and wander into the wild, to capture your connection with nature; with yourself. Give yourself permission to be free and wild; to take a break from the craziness of life. Nature will heal you. She will make you whole again.

lava canyon pnw hiking adventure the modern hippie travel portland oregon

Find your place on this earth again. Find your wild side. The exploreer in you. The worries, the pressure of life..take it to the wild.

butte creek falls pnw the modern hippie waterfall nature hiking adventure portland oregon

Start bringing out your modern hippie and start living life. Create your own adventures. You’re never too old or busy to start. Just get out there and start living.

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Photos: Reed Van Patten